Church of Sigurata at Prijeko at Dubrovnik

Church of Transiguration of Christ

A small church of Sigurata at Prijeko was mentioned in the written papers at the end of the 12 century. By the original name of the church of Tranfiguration of Christ was known as an explicit example of Dubrovnik’s Pre-Romanesque style of constructing. After bombarding of the church in the Domestic war in 1991 year, archeological and conservator researches filled up cognitions about Pre-Romanesque stage of building then about later partitionongs and outbuildings.

Researches proved that on that place the church existed considerably earlier. It was established two older phases of construction, the first directs to boundary of the late antique and the early Middle Ages (6-8 c.), the second, to the early Middle Ages before 11 c. To its triple naves with small cupola in the central field from 11 c., after the great earthquake in 1667 year it had been added two asisles. In the explored and restorated church (1995), during its restauration it was made efforts to show the more original elements of the structure of the Middle Ages church, with the restorated wall’s surfaces, with differences of the constracting technique and forms from 11 and 17 c. Entireness of the church with stone yard of the convent of the Franciscan sisters, then warthy exibited articles that are in the convent’s museum, it is exceptional and layered value of the builders historic layers in the cultural landscape of Dubrovnik.