The sisters in Maribor

Seeing sisters was quite an event for the citizens of Maribor, as well as for those who lived on the outskirts of the city.  
Sr. Nepomucena Ziggal recalls,

“At first, when we appeared in the streets of Maribor two by two, according to the custom of that time, the people opened their windows and the doors of their homes and greeted us with joy and reverence. Some however, were not so pleased. We responded to all with a gentle greeting.  Later, when we knew the children, they ran to us with joy and skipped around us.

Each day we went to church, to the store, to the market,  or to some other place.  We always went in silence.  We were not permitted to turn around or to gaze at the store windows.  We prayed in silence using the large rosaries hanging from our cords.

When we had more children in the house and the work had increased, Sr. Margareta would take two children, obviously the less exemplary ones, to accompany her on her errands. One time she returned to the convent without her two little companions, telling us that at the first curve in the road, the two little birds without nests flew to freedom.  It was only toward evening that their parents found them in the company of some former friends and returned them to the sisters’ care.”